Friday, 18 May 2012

You're my only hope...

Maulted by Ape Lad
Maulted, a photo by Ape Lad on Flickr.

I've posted this design in this week's shirt.woot derby. If you've ever bought something from woot, please consider voting for it via this link.
If you've never bought anything from woot, and are into spacetime based science fiction or artichokes, I have two shirts that are still available for sale over there, and here are the links:
I'm always grateful for your support, and I hope you receive the positive mind vibes I transmit out into the universe in an attempt to communicate my gratitude to mankind. (It's easier than sending thank you notes to each and every person on the planet.)
Speaking of sending things: I've mentioned this before and the offer still stands: if you post a picture of shirt of mine you've bought, let me know and I will send you a drawing! Free of charge and obligation (aside from buying and wearing a shirt long enough to be photographed).
If you've done this and I forgot to send something, let me know! My email is ak at symbol adamkoford dot com.

(Sorry for the double post, RSS subscribers. Read twice, post once, I always say (but never do.))

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